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    Click on the arrow pointing left or right, and there will be an elevator and an escalator to the far left or right. Climb back down the ladder, and run through the tunnel until you reach the burglar floating in poptropica night air. But now where is he? Sorry,spelled the word wrongly, poptropica night. After a couple of seconds, a Smart Phone will fall out. Leave and go to the other side of the mall. I'll admit, it's a difficult game -- and my short-term memory is awful. Go after him on your segway and you will eventually trip him. Go right and enter MacGuffin's, then grab the QuickCharger. Poptropica night, the camera feed is gone! Like this: Like Loading Now chase him around the atrium, and he'll once again outrun you.
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    Night Watch Island Walkthrough & Cheats – Poptropica

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    Poptropica night forCrawl Mart is located on the left. I found 7 of the 8 cards. Hey, there's a silhouette of a person walking out of the shop with something! Click on the smartphone to add this item to your inventory. It was just a decoy! Follow the tunnel again and drop down onto the right side, next to the burglar. I know, most people still wanna find him, but he'll appear later.



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