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    This game is games online in english translation like the previous one except the sentences are about weather, not locations. Spelling Out the Pronunciation of 10 U. Clothes 2. Latin English Phrase Match. Reptiles and amphibians. Complete the grid by forming four-letter words from the clues. Food 2. Guess the French word or phrase by choosing different letters, but don't get too many wrong or you'll quickly lose the game. Flash Hangman Game Try to guess the mystery word before you run out of guesses. Wonderword A classic word search with a different theme every day. Identify and spell out the French irregular verbs before the time runs down. Disney Movies in Spanish, games online in english translation. Holiday by Phonetic Name. Test your spelling of French numbers with this timed, multiple choice game.
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    Test your French is with these free, interactive online games. Word Match: See if you can match a handful of basic English words with their. Challenge yourself with dozens of word games, puzzles, crosswords, and quizzes with new content every day!. How to Play. Help the Translator Alligator by identifying the correct translation of each word. Word Derby. Play. 1–6. Holiday. Watch. K–4. Traveling Time.
games online in english translation


Games online in english translation pity

ЗнакомстваVegetables 1. Balance the Scale: Sports 1. Weather 2. Parts of the body - head. Catch the Spelling Catch the falling letters in the correct order to spell the word. More Translation Quizzes. Reptiles and amphibians. When names become words and then we ask you about them.



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